Major tax corporations that have foreign clients can communicate in English or in my native tongue, but their fees are too high.


Some tax corporations in Japan don't charge as much, but they cannot communicate with me, help me with international transactions, or provide explanations that I can understand easily.

seventh sense groupe is your solution!

We will stick with you from beginning to end
so that your business will succeed in Japan.


We have skilled bilingual staff.


Extensive experience helping
foreign companies succeed


High quality service and standards


Comparatively reasonable fees

What seventh sense groupe can do for you!

Accountancy and tax are only some of the services offered by seventh sense groupe.

  • Accounting outsourcing
  • Account settlement and tax returns
  • Payroll accounting and year-end adjustments
  • Labor and social security procedures
  • Securing grants and subsidies
  • Inheritance tax and gift tax
  • Business succession consultancy
  • Funding consultancy
  • M&A consultancy
  • Business matching
  • Getting you in touch with professionals (lawyers, patent attorneys, judicial scriveners, etc.)
We provide advice and management support
with our eyes fixed on the future success of your business!

Our experienced staff will help your international company meet its goals.

  • Japanese
  • English
  • Korean
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Vietnamese

We have supported over 700 companies in total using the above languages. We are prepared to provide comprehensive backup for the complicated Japanese accounting and tax procedures, while in full understanding of the business practice of our client's home country.

We are prepared to provide full backup for
complicated Japanese accounting and tax procedures!

seventh sense groupe companies are relentless when it comes to supporting the growth and development of the client's business. Since its establishment, TZC has put the client's profit first. We strive to innovate, create, and execute together with the business owner.

Tax Corporation seventh sense groupe has a great reputation for its tax and accounting services, which are specialized for foreign companies and foreign company owners in Japan.

seventh sense groupe provides high-quality, low-cost services to all foreign companies
and foreign company owners.

Are you in this situation?

You've worked in Japan for about three years and you want to start a company in Japan.

You're not confident about using Japanese, so you want to use English to communicate.

The tax advisor you have contracted with is not used to working with international clients.

Contact us!

About seventh sense groupe

代表パートナー 徐 瑛義(税理士・行政書士)

Managing partner: Yonyi So (tax accountant and administrative Scrivener)

He established Tokyo Zeikei Accounting Firm after working at a major accounting firm in Saitama Prefecture
and a certified public accountants office in Tokyo.
Since its establishment, the accounting firm's main clientele has been startup companies.
In this way, the firm has established a unique role and identity as an accounting firm.
Tax and accounting consultancy services for international clients who want to establish their business in Japan
are some of the main services that the firm provides.
The firm also has an excellent record in consultancy.
Yonyi So established Tax Corporation seventh sense groupe in 2008
in order to provide professional and long-term services to his clients. He is now the managing partner.

パートナー 井本 壮一郎(税理士)

Partner Soichiro Imoto (tax accountant)

He became the deputy director of Tokyo Zeikei Accounting Firm in 2006, after having worked at a certified public accountants office in Tokyo.
He has won praise from his clients for his
professionalism, specialized knowledge, and clear and simple advice,
which he offers when providing tax and accounting consultancy services to international clients
and domestic startup companies.
In 2008, he became the founding partner of Tax Corporation seventh sense groupe.

Our services

(1) Company formation support
 ・Nominee service
 ・Corporate law
 ・Company Establishment Services

合同会社 株式会社

(2) Accounting and tax services
 ・Bookkeeping, account settlement, tax returns
 ・Tax audit witnessing and tax compliance
(3) Labor management services
 ・Payroll accounting and year-end adjustments
 ・Labor and social security procedures
 ・HR advisory
(4) Other services
 ・System and IT support  ・Life insurance and general insurance agency work
 ・Visa and residency application support
 ・License application support
 ・Funding support


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